Dear pastor & congregation ,
(I had better do this in English because my Hollands is rather “rusty”.)
I, and my family, would be rather remiss if we didn’t thank you all for the wonderful reception all of you gave us at the Sunday morning worship service on July 3, 2016.
Dirk and Alie Mantel welcomed us at the door a few minutes after the service started and told us that you had already announced our coming at the start of the service. Thank you for that..
Most of us who don’t understand the Dutch language still enjoyed the service, especially the singing with the overhead, even though the sermon went “over our heads”.
Dirk gave us a special “concert of songs” after the service at the organ. It was especially emotional for us to be where I sat as a 4 and 5 year old on the organ bench with my dad. Here I was singing with my wife and three daughters in your beautiful renovated sanctuary. Wow!
My dad, as you probably know, was organist for 25 years along with Cor Zee and Piet Ouwens and Dirk was an organ student of my dad back then. Dirk also played for my sister Nellie and me 29 years ago and I still remember singing “Beautiful Savior” accompanied by Dirk, who remembered that this was my dad’s favorite hymn.
The Mantel family took us to the dijk and that too brought back some great memories.
We wish you God’s very best as you continue to preach God’s Word faithfully and as you “shepherd the flock” faithfully.
With tons of good memories and grattude
Harry (Arie) Vriend,(#231)) zoon van Jan Vriend, (Pieter Nanne Zoon)
Wij woonde aan Kleigauw 4, het huis waar ik ben geboren in 1939.